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Chipotle Deploys Delivery Drones

Chipotle Deploys Delivery Drones

DENVER, CO - With strategies like “kids eat free,” various reward programs, and the chance to win a year’s supply of burritos, I have been known to name Chipotle the Willy Wonka of fresh prep. And the company has rewarded me with the possibility of a burrito delivered via drone.

Source: Alphabet Inc.

Teaming up with Google’s parent company, Alphabet, the fresh foodservice, fast casual chain is looking to reach consumers remotely with rapidly-increasing drone technology. And as if delivering burritos via drone isn’t fun enough, the idea is named ‘Project Wing.’

As we reported previously, drones sold are projected to reach 600,000 this year, and the window has broadened for companies thanks to the FAA’s passing of lighter requirements for licensing.

Now Chipotle, ever-looking to trends and treats to entice consumers, is testing the pilot program with Virginia Tech students, Bloomberg reports.

Alphabet's Project Wing chose Chipotle because of unique challenges the process would present.

Timothy Sands, President, Virginia Tech"It sounds simple, but it’s not," Timothy Sands, Virginia Tech’s President, said. "There are a lot of things to work out from a safety point of view and a policy point of view."

So would the winch system used successfully deliver fresh food, and can the right food temperature be maintained upon receipt? The pilot will be available to select Virginia Tech students and employees to find out. Hopefully, it is successful enough to be shared with the rest of us, and one more key step in pushing fresh to consumers conveniently will be made.