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Church Brothers Promote Exclusive Heirloom Spinach for Valentine's Day

Church Brothers Promote Exclusive Heirloom Spinach for Valentine's Day

SALINAS, CA - Music, candlelight and... spinach?

The Church Brothers says to add its exclusive Heirloom red spinach to your Valentine's Day checklist.

Now shipping nationwide just in time for February 14, the company is encouraging food service operators to add a vibrant splash to their salads for the holiday.

According to a press release, the family-owned producer’s Heirloom winter-variety spinach will be available exclusively in entirely red color, or half red and half green.

Below is a short video detailing the growth and signature differences of Church Brothers' Heirloom red spinach.

“We’ve been growing Heirloom red spinach since 2010,” Brian Church, Vice President of Agriculture Production, said. “The texture of the leaves is similar to traditional green spinach.  However, being an heirloom variety, the spinach grows in wild like ‘clusters’ that gives it varying lengths of soft stems.”

The spinach is described with an earthy flavor, with which the company provides a number of ideas and uses. Triple-washed and ready to go.

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