CMI Orchards Announces Multiple Leadership Transitions; Bob Mast Comments

CMI Orchards Announces Multiple Leadership Transitions; Bob Mast Comments

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WENATCHEE, WA - A period of tremendous growth is coming for CMI Orchards, and there are several leaders who are taking up the charge. As the supplier readies to implement its latest developmental strategies, multiple leadership transitions are taking place across the organization.

Robb Myers has been promoted to Vice President of Business Development from his former position as Director of Sales. He will be taking a more active role in retail strategy and overall business growth. His work to establish club apple programs has reportedly helped position CMI as an industry leader for new varieties and standout brands.

Robb Myers, Vice President of Business Development, CMI Orchards“As CMI’s longest-tenured employee, I’ve been involved in most aspects of our business since day one,” commented Myers. “It is incredible to see where we came from and where we are going as we enter this new chapter of CMI’s growth. I couldn’t be more invigorated by the exciting things we’re doing to pave the way for the future.”

CMI’s Vice President of Marketing, George Harter, will now be helping to advance new projects as the newly appointed Vice President of Special Projects.

George Harter, Vice President of Special Projects, CMI Orchards“After spending most of my career in retail, I’ve enjoyed directing supply-side marketing over the past five and a half years. CMI’s dynamic processes and outstanding products, people, and services is second to none,” Harter said. “This opportunity to help drive meaningful initiatives and projects that bring efficiency and value to both CMI and our retail partners is a huge honor.”

CMI’s Brand Manager, Rochelle Bohm, has taken the reins from Harter as the new Vice President of Marketing, according to a press release. Bohm joined CMI in 2013 as Creative Lead and guided the company through a corporate rebrand in 2016 as she transitioned to Brand Manager.

Rochelle Bohm, Vice President of Marketing, CMI Orchards“This is an incredible time to lead CMI’s marketing department toward a future ripe with opportunity,” Bohm affirmed. “Northwest treefruit offers one of the most complex categories in the produce department with so many new brands, packages, and varieties. Understanding how to succeed at retail, how to innovate solutions that are executable and easy to merchandise, developing novel packaging that is sustainable as the need for automation rises, and programs that catch the eye of the consumer and drive consumption are all key focus areas for CMI’s marketing as we enter this new chapter.”

CMI’s Marketing Specialist, Danelle Huber, will be taking on the role of Senior Marketing Manager.

Entering its next phase of growth, CMI Orchards announced that multiple leadership transitions are taking place across the organization

She joined CMI in 2017 with an extensive skill set honed by her work at the Washington Apple Commission, Van Doren Sales, and legal experience at Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn, and Alyward.

Danelle Huber, Senior Marketing Manager, CMI Orchards“Working alongside of some of the most talented individuals in the industry has given me insight into the many different areas of the produce business world,” she shared. “My experiences from representing our Washington growers in export markets to understanding the workings behind creating a world-class packing line, has given me broad and invaluable experience into some of the unique nuances of the treefruit industry.”

Bob Mast, President, also shared a few words regarding these leaders and the company's future.

Bob Mast, President, CMI Orchards“Our business continues to evolve, grow, and become ever more complex. To meet these exciting challenges, our leaders bring a demonstrated track record of success, as they adapt to the changing needs of our business, growers, and clients and rise above challenges with creative and innovative industry-leading solutions,” Mast noted.

To dive deeper into comments from Mast, Myers, Harter, Bohm, and Huber, read the press release in full here.

Congratulations to these leaders as they enter their new roles!

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