Coborn's Acquires Sullivan’s Foods Chain; Chris Coborn Comments

Coborn's Acquires Sullivan’s Foods Chain; Chris Coborn Comments

ILLINOIS - With its sights set on Illinois, Corborn's has announced its acquisition of Sullivan's Foods. The retailer currently operates 11 locations, a convenience store and gas station, three ACE Hardware stores, a warehouse, and a central office in the state, helping Corborn's establish its footprint in the state.

Chris Coborn, President and Chief Executive Officer, Coborn’s (Photo credit: Elk River Star News)“This is our first entry into the state of Illinois, so we have some things to learn, some added distance to figure out, and to onboard their team into our organization,” commented President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Coborn.

According to KNSI, the purchase is expected to close in May and will extend Coborn’s portfolio to 77 locations from the Great Lakes west to the Dakotas. This growing footprint will require the company to make some adjustments to its business.

Sullivan’s Foods was recently acquired by Coborn’s as the company seeks to establish its Illinois footprint

The newly added locations will still operate under the Sullivan’s Foods name going forward. Following the deal, each of Sullivan’s Foods’ 800 employees will be hired on by Coborn’s and will make the transition.

Sullivan’s Foods was created in 1967 in Savanna, Illinois, before expanding to the central and northern parts of the state.

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