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CPG Industry Leader John Haydock Named CEO of Datepac

CPG Industry Leader John Haydock Named CEO of Datepac

YUMA, AZ – Former Vice President of Global Sales John Haydock has been named CEO of Datepac.

Prior to joining Datepac in June 2013, Haydock held several executive sales and marketing positions for CPG industry-leading companies including Kraft General Foods, Unilever, WhiteWave Foods and Mann Packing. His more than twenty years of industry experience includes Dairy, Frozen Foods and Produce categories. 

Haydock will be leading in new product development, while overseeing day-to-day production at Datepac. According to a press release, his goals include growing global markets, and revitalizing the way that Datepac operates to bring new levels of performance and standards to the Natural Delights Medjool date brand.

John Haydock, CEO of Datepac“I look forward to working with all of the dedicated employees at Datepac, the growers and our valued customers to help provide the highest quality Medjool dates in the world,” said CEO of Datepac John Haydock. “I feel very honored to be a part of such a wonderful team of passionate individuals.” 

Haydock also brings his experience to Datepac from large Corporate Sales teams. He has led sales teams for brands including Breyers Ice Cream, Popsicle, Horizon Organic, Swanson, and Vlasic and has served on various supplier advisory boards for key retailer and trade associations. 

"As growers and members of the Board of Directors of Datepac, we have every confidence in Mr. Haydock's ability to lead the organization to new levels,” said Gus Nunez, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Datepac.

Nunez added that under Haydock's leadership the company anticipates seeing a continual increase in the quality of its products.


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