Crespo Organic Shares Mango Season Update

Crespo Organic Shares Mango Season Update

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CHIAPAS & OAXACA, MEXICO - Mangos are golden, both in color and in prestige in the eyes of shoppers. While consumers reach out for this juicy, tropical fruit, Crespo Organic Ataulfo mangos are bringing the volume as the 2023 Mexican mango season is now in motion.

The Ataulfo mangos have been picked, packed, and shipped from Mexico and are set to debut in all sizes, including the coveted larger sizes in 12–14 counts. According to the release, the organic Ataulfo mango varietal continues even greater growth, not just amongst diverse organic consumers but in the mainstream sector as well.

With its 2023 Mexican mango program underway, Crespo Organic is preparing to offer retailers volume and variety

Crespo’s organic Ataulfo program offers retailers, wholesalers, and processors a comprehensive, long, and strong program. The program commenced in late January in Oaxaca and Chiapas, and mangos are abundantly flowing north along Mexico’s Pacific Rim through Nayarit and into Sinaloa where it ends in mid-August.

Additionally, the Crespo program is one of the largest organic Ataulfo offerings. The release continued, highlighting the company’s keen focus on consistency and delivering large volumes of definitive sizes without sacrificing quality while providing consumer-friendly price points. Crespo also supports in-store and virtual (industry and consumer) education on this unique Mexican cultivar.

The Ataulfo mangos have been picked, packed, and shipped from Mexico and are set to debut in all sizes, including the larger sizes in 12–14 counts

To continue bolstering sales, Crespo launched a new education campaign this season directed at the industry and consumers to emphasize and educate proper transport, storage, and merchandising handling—all of which contribute to large, bold, growing, and profitable Ataulfo programs. Social media educators, videos, in-depth reports, and Nissa’s blog Under The Mango Tree bring happy consumers to stores all season long.

It’s a golden season ahead, so keep a lookout for more updates from AndNowUKnow.

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