Double Diamond Farms Achieves Non-GMO Certification and Launches Greenhouse Expansion

Double Diamond Farms Achieves Non-GMO Certification and Launches Greenhouse Expansion

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO - With summer officially in the rear view mirror, Double Diamond Farms has a lot to be proud of this season. Within the last several months, the grower has been officially non-GMO certified and has completed an impressive expansion of its greenhouse facilities.

Jeremy Stockwell, Director of Procurement and Sales“Getting non-GMO certified was very important to us here at Double Diamond Farms,” Jeremy Stockwell, Director of Procurement and Sales, shared with me. “We want our retail partners and consumers to know the extent of our commitment to providing fresh, natural, high quality produce, and we felt that this certification was a key step in communicating that.”

In addition to this certification, Double Diamond Farms has just completed a 10 acre expansion of its greenhouse facilities, with another 25 acres to come this December.

“We've been investing heavily in technology this season,” Jeremy told me. “With upgrades to our automation infrastructure, packing lines, and our greenhouses, we're positioning ourselves for some very strong future seasons.”

For example, Jeremy explained how Double Diamond's high-tech greenhouses are equipped with diffused glass and automated transportation lines, allowing the grower to consistently provide its retail partners with a top quality premium product.

What's next for Double Diamond?

“We're very excited about the coming year,” Jeremy said. “We have a lot of momentum behind us right now and I think we'll be bringing some very strong crops to market in the future.”

One thing I know for sure is that I'll certainly be keeping my eye on this Ontario grower.

Congratulations on a great summer, Double Diamond!

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