E. Armata Improvements to Hunts Point Market Facility

E. Armata, a 4th generation wholesaler operating in the Hunts Point Market, has recently renovated its facilities at the produce terminal in New York. The company works directly with grower/ shippers while selling to “Mom & Pop” grocers, institutional and restaurant suppliers, wholesalers, and larger retailers.


Chris Armata, President, E. Armata, tells AndNowUKnow, ‘With the newly renovated facilities we are looking toward the future, building on and protecting the strong relationships we have established over four generations while creating new partnerships with shippers and growing our customer base.”

The new facilities help E. Armata offer a range of benefits to improve all aspects of the business. A new racking system supports easier and more efficient handling and delivery of product that allows for less damage to the fresh produce as well as increased capacity for the expansion and growth. To improve organization during the daily operations, the company has installed location markers where doors and aisles are numbered to better service customers. In addition, E. Armata’s state-of-the-art tomato repacking capabilities assist customers in meeting the needs of the end user with the ability to pick the size and specific color of tomato desired, from pink to red.


Quicker unloading makes for speedier delivery and enhanced efficiency of product. E. Armata is also cold chain compliant and utilizes state-of-the art refrigeration systems that ensure a fresh and high quality product. The company’s new technologies include enhancements in traceability, real time inventory control, truck routing, and prompt delivery. E. Armata’s expert sales team can carry out shipping and accounting details to customers via email for quicker and more efficient service.


E. Armata is evolving its capabilities for the benefit of all, from the grower to the trucker and the transportation of their products; to the employees. The recent renovations build on the company's commitment to keeping the tradition of integrity, quality and trust that was initially established by E. Armata’s founder, Erasmo Armata.

Visit the company link below to learn more about the new facilities and E. Armata Inc.

E. Armata Inc.

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