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Famous Software's Natalie Kaita Discusses Famous Integration Services Product Line and Complying With Walmart Produce Standards

Famous Software's Natalie Kaita Discusses Famous Integration Services Product Line and Complying With Walmart Produce Standards

FRESNO, CA - When one of the biggest retailers across the globe introduces new standards for its produce suppliers, it’s not surprising that a company might be concerned with how it will be able to meet those new standards. That was certainly the case when Walmart announced that it would be requiring both Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) Labels and Advanced Ship Notification (ASN) information beginning mid-2017. Fortunately for many, there was a secret weapon to help ease the transition—Famous Software.

For Famous Software’s over 100 customers who trade with Walmart, complying with the retailer’s PTI and ASN requirements was as simple as accessing the Famous Integration Services (FIS) product line. Essentially, Walmart was requesting data from its suppliers in advance of receiving their shipments in an effort to expedite the process and give more visibility throughout the supply chain. Using the FIS line allows companies to electronically trade with their customers and suppliers either directly or via the iTradeNetwork, making sharing this additional information with Walmart efficient and accurate for large and small enterprises alike.

Natalie Kaita, Sales Manager, Famous Software“With over 1,500 fresh produce customers we have a responsibility to be proactive and respond to industry changes. Famous Software has offered a seamless integrated EDI solution since 2001, and PTI data has been generated with the use of our ERP system for over 7 years. When Walmart required the ASN, we were already positioned to continue to provide value to our customers,” explained Natalie Kaita, Sales Manager.

Famous Software

As of today, Famous Software has processed over 1 million transactions between Walmart and its customer base through the use of FIS. The feedback from its customers seems to be a resounding sigh of relief, Natalie tells me. These are just a few highlights customers say make FIS products an obvious choice for their integration needs:

  • Fewer Clerical Errors
  • Faster Communication
  • Improved Product Tracking
  • Less Paperwork with Corresponding Cost Savings
  • Famous to Famous
  • Improved Order Tracking
  • Meets Large Customers' Requirements
  • Invoices Get Sent Sooner and Paid Sooner

One customer who can attest to the quality of Famous Software’s FIS program is Anthony Gallino of California Giant Berry Farms. Cal Giant was on the forefront of the Walmart ASN/PTI integration with Famous, and has long been a valued customer.

Anthony Gallino, VP of Sales, California Giant Berry Farms Anthony noted, “Famous FIS is a crucial part of our everyday business at California Giant. We rely on it to keep us #Poweredbyberries.”

Walmart will be continuing to implement these requirements for more and more customers based on seasonality of what each company supplies, so don’t wait to find out what changes your program needs to make. Need a hand sorting out the details? I think I may know of just the provider to help...

Famous Software

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