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Find the ANUK Apple Logo on the Cover of the February, 2018 Snack Magazine

Find the ANUK Apple Logo on the Cover of the February, 2018 Snack Magazine

SACRAMENTO, CA – Ready? Let’s go! It’s once again time to race your produce peers and compete for our $100 grand prize. So try your hand at our Snack Magazine contest.

Here’s how it works:

Find the hidden AndNowUKnow logo—our signature apple pictured below—on the cover of the February issue of The Snack Magazinefeaturing SUNSET®. Then, race your friends across the industry to be the first to email [email protected] a picture of yourself pointing to the logo.

AndNowUKnow's logo

The first to find our logo and send us a qualifying picture wins. In order to qualify, participants must send a picture of themselves pointing to the logo. Please, let us see your face and not a disembodied finger or circled image!

Cash in on that $100 prize and recoup bragging rights as well!

Previous winners include:

  • Francesca Fordice of J. Marchini Farms
  • Danny Ortiz of Sysco
  • David Carrick of EarthFresh Foods
  • Adam Donikian of Sobeys
  • Jennifer Velasquez of Golden Sun Marketing
  • Kate Reeb of Veg-Fresh Farms
  • Mimmo Franzone of Longo’s
  • Scott Hakes of Ciruli Brothers

So, grab your phone or camera and your copy of The Snack, and get to it. Time is precious!

Previous Winners: Francesca Fordice, Sales & Marketing, J. Marchini Farms & Danny Ortiz, Quality Assurance Inspector, Sysco

Interested in receiving a copy of The Snack to give you a leg up in future challenges? Subscriptions are valued at $129 per year, click here to subscribe.

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