FirstFruits Farms Reveals New Cherry Packaging and Product Catalog; Emily Autrey Details

FirstFruits Farms Reveals New Cherry Packaging and Product Catalog; Emily Autrey Details

YAKIMA, WA - To say that cherries are a huge part of summer retail sets is practically akin to telling you the sky is blue. We all know how valuable a good cherry program is during this time of year, and supply-side partners like FirstFruits Farms are here to help retailers up their category sales as the cherry season starts to wind down.

I spoke with Emily Autrey, Marketing Manager, to learn more.

Emily Autrey, Marketing Manager, FirstFruits Farms“Our new Dark Sweet and Rainier packaging uses unique cutouts and an eye-catching color scheme to make the product instantly recognizable on the shelves,” remarked Emily. “This new packaging is an extension of our company’s brand identity. Consistent branding elements, such as logos, messaging, and typography, reinforce brand recognition and build trust with consumers.”

Another distinction to the cherry packaging is the high-quality look and feel, which Emily explained can justify a higher price point and attract consumers looking for a premium experience.

Functionality also plays a factor in converting interest into dollars. The new packaging is available in several shapes and sizes to suit a wide array of customers who tend to seek out portability, convenience, and practicality.

With eye-catching colors and unique cutouts, FirstFruits Farms' newly unveiled Dark Sweet and Rainier cherry packaging will be instantly recognizable for shoppers

“To take full advantage of cherry promotions for the rest of the summer, retailers should focus on maximizing visibility, engagement, and sales,” Emily added, as we dove into a variety of strategies that retailers can implement. “Simple things like prominent in-store displays, special deals, and cross-promotions can entice customers. By doing so, retailers can keep cherries at the forefront of customers’ minds throughout the summer season, drive sales, and enhance brand loyalty. Remember that consistent and creative promotion efforts will have a positive impact on the success of your cherry marketing campaign.”

In addition to its new packaging, FirstFruits Farms is also rolling out a product catalog as a tool to promote cherries.

Featuring a high-quality look and feel, the supplier's cherry packaging will draw consumers seeking a premium experience

“Our product catalog has an appealing and professional design, while using high-quality images of cherries that showcase their vibrant colors and freshness. We also highlight cherry varieties and offer descriptions to help customers make informed choices,” Emily noted.

The catalog emphasizes the seasonality of domestic cherries and ties in a fun summer theme to create both a sense of urgency and excitement.

It’s all about enticement throughout the summer cherry season, and you won’t want to miss out on partnering with a company that knows how to draw people in.

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