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Fox Solutions Introduces a New Website and New Packaging Technology

Fox Solutions Introduces a New Website and New Packaging Technology

MCALLEN, TX - With PMA Fresh Summit just around the corner, Fox Solutions is gearing up with a newly launched website as well as new packing technology to debut in Atlanta, Georgia, this month.

Ed Savigny, General Manager, Fox SolutionsGeneral Manager, Ed Savigny, spoke to me about the new innovations at Fox, and what they hope to accomplish with their evolving platform. When it comes to the vision for the new site, Ed tells me, “Our goal with the new site was to provide better detail of the machinery that we build and sell and those pieces that we obtain from our vendors; notably NEWTEC and Haith, a company that has chosen Fox Solutions as their exclusive U.S. distributor.”

Some of the key features include more videos for each piece of machinery that Fox Solutions now handles, and with better pictures and brochures for each model. All the videos are posted on YouTube as well, and the site links to them so that individuals searching “machinery” on YouTube can find it.

So, how does this align with Fox Solutions' business model?  “Our workforce at Fox Solutions is one of the most experienced in the packaging machinery end of the business. This means that we have been selling the NEWTEC brand and Haith and C-PACK models for years and years, and that always brings us repeat and referral customers. But, a revised website with much more information makes it easier for new customers to find us and see what we can offer them.”

As for PMA Fresh Summit, Fox Solutions along with NEWTEC, will be exhibiting the new 4010XXB1 weigher - it’s “the first of its kind for whole produce” as Ed tells me, which can be seen in the video below.

“Instead of traditional vibrators, the 4010XXB1 weigher uses conveyors to move product. So, for big product, oddly shaped products, and big weighments, it sets the new standard and puts everyone else behind the 8-ball. We have nick-named this new weigher ‘Conweigher’ as a nod to its conveyor application,” Ed says. “The new 4010XXB1 weigher is compact, simple and extremely fast and accurate. This is ideal for packers tired of giving away the farm, weight-wise. When packing big bags or boxes it offers quick payback in labor and weight savings.

To check out these latest innovations from Fox Solutions and NEWTEC, visit PMA Fresh Summit booth #4537 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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