Fox Solutions Welcomes Noah Fox as Project Manager; Jim Savigny and Aaron Fox Comment

Fox Solutions Welcomes Noah Fox as Project Manager; Jim Savigny and Aaron Fox Comment

MCALLEN, TX - An investment in the team often heralds exciting things to come as those internal changes result in external results. So, Fox Solutions is one to keep in mind for dynamic action in 2024 with the addition of multi-faceted expert Noah Fox to the roster.

With the newswire still hot off the announcement of new Director of Sales Jen Doxey, Noah is stepping into the role of Project Manager for Fox Solutions with eyes trained on the potential the company sees on the horizon. Noah brings a tenured and technical background to the role from a range of companies, most recently Bluestem Cattle Ranch where he worked as the Ranch Manager.

Noah Fox, Project Manager, Fox Solutions
Noah Fox, Project Manager, Fox Solutions

"I've always been a straightforward person, to the point in my communication and actions," Noah said. "It's a sharp directness that I bring to my role, and yes, my personality will come out and you'll get a joke or the latest news, but ultimately, it's always back to business. I believe that clear, concise communication is the truest form of honesty that I can provide for our customers, and this personal quality has served me well, also caused some trouble, but we won’t talk about that. I’m one year into the fresh produce industry, we’re here to support your operations and keep them running, especially in an industry as dynamic as fresh produce packing. You can expect me to be upfront about what's working, what's not, and how we can collectively move towards our goals with efficiency and precision. I'm here not just to oversee, but to actively lead and ensure that every piece of equipment, from weighers to baggers to palletizers, functions like we promised."

As Project Manager, Noah is poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping the company's reputation and driving its growth trajectory, the team shared. Focusing on efficient communication post-sales order, his responsibilities encompass a broad range of activities aimed at optimizing the flow of information and ensuring alignment with project objectives, reporting directly to General Manager of Fox Solutions Jim Savigny.

Noah Fox is stepping into the role of Project Manager for Fox Solutions
Noah Fox is stepping into the role of Project Manager for Fox Solutions

"In the dynamic sector of fresh produce packing equipment sales, the Project Manager is crucial in bridging the gap between the sales process and the successful execution and delivery of the project," Savigny observed. "The role demands a strategic communicator, skilled in orchestrating coordination among diverse stakeholders, including clients, team members, and suppliers. It is imperative for them to uphold a clear and consistent communication channel, ensuring that every party is well-informed and in sync with the project's objectives and schedules."

Overseeing the integration and operation of sophisticated equipment such as weighers, pouch baggers, wicketed baggers, and palletizers, working with state-of-the-art brands like Newtec, Intec, Kwik Lok, Syntegon, and others, Noah’s expertise and role are critical in the specialized realm of managing packing automation systems for fresh produce.

Aaron Fox, Vice President, Fox Packaging and President, Fox Solutions

"Noah's straightforward approach to project management is not just refreshing, but it's also crucial for the complex and fast-paced work we do," Aaron Fox, President at Fox Solutions, commented. "His ability to convey information succinctly and make decisive choices will greatly enhance our operational efficiency, and we're glad to learn alongside him as we continue to work on projects. Noah is easy to speak with and has his own professional style, and it aligns with our values of transparency and accountability. We are confident that Noah's direct communication style will foster a more dynamic and responsive project management environment, leading to successful project outcomes and satisfied customers. We want to do right by our customers."

Filling a niche in which he can perfectly apply technical know-how, strategic planning, and effective communication in the hectic fresh produce industry, Noah’s will be an exciting journey to follow.

Congratulations to Noah and the entire Fox Solutions team on much change and growth!

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