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Fruit You're Eating Wrong Video Spotlight

Fruit You're Eating Wrong Video Spotlight

Have you ever wanted to know the best way to eat a kiwi or peel an orange? If you have, this video has you covered. Check out the best ways to eat these 6 popular fruits below:

Kiwi: Cut off the ends and spoon out the insides to get the most out of this sweet treat.

Pomegranate: Cut it in half, stretch out the insides, and then hit it with a wooden spoon over the serving bowl. Easy as that!

Mango: Cut the sides and then peel the fruit by dragging it down the sides of a simple water glass.

Oranges: Make a thin cut across the perimeter of the orange and then peel it off in two sections for a no mess solution.

Strawberries: My personal favorite tip, put a straw through the center of the strawberry to get the stem off without wasting any of the edible fruit.

Watermelon: Slice the watermelon in half and cut into the sides 3 times on each side. Then cut around the top and cross hatch the fruit before shaking out the watermelon into a serving bowl.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm off to go buy some straws.