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Gold Coast Packing's Natali Carrillo and 99 Cents Only's Kimberly Chan Win May 2019 Snack Cover Contest

Gold Coast Packing's Natali Carrillo and 99 Cents Only's Kimberly Chan Win May 2019 Snack Cover Contest


SACRAMENTO, CA - I think there’s something in the water at the Gold Coast Packaging and 99 Cents Only offices—or maybe there’s a radioactive spider crawling around the vents! Whatever it may be, one thing’s for sure: The teams at these produce-loving companies are some of the quickest and smiley-est of our industry, exemplified by both companies’ back-to-back (-to-back) wins—color the ANUK team impressed!

This round, Natali Carrillo represented the supply-side and Gold Coast Packaging with one of the fastest slides into our DMs. I’m not joking when I say she probably broke a record! In honor of her hard work and quick searching abilities, Natali gets to start off her Wednesday flush with $100 cash—the best way to start off any day of the week.

Natali Carrillo, Sales Support/Sales, Gold Coast Packing

"Our Gold Coast team LOVES The Snack contest! We look forward to next contest and hope to keep the Champion title within our Gold Coast team," Natali, Sales Support/Sales, said after nabbing another win for Gold Coast. "Thank you again! I am very appreciative of the prize I was awarded with!"

On the buy-side, Kimberly Chan, Associate Buyer for 99 Cents Only, took another round (her third in a row!) by storm! I’m sure she thought to herself, "should I let someone else represent the buy-side this round?” before realizing that just would not do. I say, if you got it, flaunt it, and Kimberly has got the Find the Apple contest down on lock! Why not stunt a little?

Kimberly Chan, Associate Buyer – Produce & Floral, 99 Cents Only

“I LOVE THE SNACK! Thank you so much ANUK!!” Kimberly shared with me following her win. “I’m so grateful that I still get to hold my title! Can’t wait for more amazing content.”

If you didn’t beat out our reigning champs to ANUK’s inbox this time, don’t sweat! This isn’t the last you’ll see the Find the Apple contest. Be sure to subscribe to The Snack Magazine here (subscription is valued at $129 per year), and keep an eye out for future contest announcements on ANUK.

May 2019 Snack Magazine-Volume 40

Remember that contest rules require that submissions include a person pointing out the logo on the cover of The Snack Magazine, and the countdown only begins once we announce the contest in AndNowUKnow’s newsletter.

Congratulations to our May winners! We’ll be back very soon with Volume 41 in June! See you then!

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