Hass Avocado Board Expects Record 240 Million Avocado Consumption During Big Game Week

Hass Avocado Board Expects Record 240 Million Avocado Consumption During Big Game Week

IRVINE, CA – Each February, over 111 million sports fans tune into football's biggest game. Between first downs and raised beers, these ravenous fans will be chowing down on game day snacks of all stripes, headlined by a football favorite: avocados.

The Hass Avocado Board expects nearly 120 million pounds, or 240 million fresh avocados, to be consumed during the week of the Big Game, a record 21% more than 2014. To picture that, imagine a football stadium filled with avocados, end zone to end zone, 46 feet up. Now that's a lot of guacamole!

In preparation for the Big Day, the Hass Avocado Board has been conducting research into the cultural habits of its consumer base, yielding some fun facts for avocado lovers:

  • 67% of avocado eaters spoon guacamole onto a seperate plate before chowing down.
  • Women are 19% more likely than men to use a spoon to portion out guacamole than their male counterparts.
  • 81% of eaters believe using a spoon is the correct way to serve guacamole.
  • 63% of guacamole eaters are comfortable taking the last bite from the serving bowl, according to a press release.

Given new research published in the American Heart Association showing that avocado consumption may reduce the risk of serious cardiovascular disease, it's good to hear that football fans will be turning to this staple of the produce aisle to fuel their Sunday football parties.

Stay tuned to ANUK as we continue to track the latest developments in the fresh produce industry. 

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