Hello Kitty Furano Melons Sell for 51.26 Dollars

Hello Kitty Furano Melons Sell for 51.26 Dollars

HOKKAIDO, JAPAN – Japanese culture is no stranger to exorbitantly priced fruits, but the case could be made that the specific market for posh fruits has yet to see a produce item that is this adorable. Consumers can purchase Hello Kitty melons from online specialty gourmet foods shop Belluna, at the price of 5,500 yen, or roughly $51.26, each.

Grown in the prime melon cultivating region of Japan, these specialty Furano melons weigh roughly 3.97 pounds, but find their distinction in the Hello Kitty face seen in the netting. In addition to the familiar character’s face helping to amp up its consumer popularity, is a limited run of 300 melons

The Furano melons transform into the Hello Kitty variety about one month prior to their harvest when the image is carved on the surface of the melon, as reported by RocketNews24.com. Appearing initially as a bright green image in the flesh of the rind, the color then changes during the last weeks of the melon’s growth to take on the seamless and natural image that consumers covet. 

To add to the almost $52 price tag tacked to each melon, each customer will receive their gift packed in a special Hello Kitty box to round out the purchase. How’s that for a sweet deal?

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