Hokkaido's Black Watermelon Sells for $4,700

Hokkaido's Black Watermelon Sells for $4,700

HOKKAIDO, JAPAN - Japan is at again, bringing the most unconventional types of produce to market with an exclusively high price tag to match. In it’s first featured auction of the season, a Densuke watermelon has sold for 500,000 yen (roughly $4,796).

What marks the fruit as a highly coveted item is its black, shiny rind, free of a typical U.S. watermelon’s customary stripes or spots, and with a notable crunchy texture. Adding to the allure of the fruit even further is the limited number produced for each year.

According to the South China Morning Post, the Densuke variety made its debut for the season with 260 watermelons in two fresh produce markets in Asahikawa and Sapporo. The watermelon that fetched the highest price was sold in the Asahikawa market.

The highest winning Densuke watermelon, grown in Toma, Hokkaido, which almost hit the $5,000 mark, was near to the record-highest number for one Densuke sold. The highest price tag seen tacked to the variety sold at auction in 2008 for 650,000 yen (roughly $6,300). 

Agricultural cooperatives in Toma expect the peak of the Densuke season to hit around July, with around 70,000 watermelons shipped this year. Each Densuke watermelon is expected to retail for around 5,000 yen a piece, or around $48 each.

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