Howard Nager of Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms® Talks Melons and Grapes Ahead of Organic Produce Summit

Howard Nager of Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms® Talks Melons and Grapes Ahead of Organic Produce Summit

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LOS ANGELES, CA - Every time I think of summer, I think about my time in Japan, where getting fresh melons was a real treat. We would take our big globes of juicy fruit to the beach with a bat and tarp in hand, leave them in the water to cool up, and gather ’round to give them melons a good whack! Those memories come to mind when I see store shelves lined up with even bigger melons on display, and I know our summers in the States are in for a sweeter treat. I got in touch with Howard Nager to discuss Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms’ melon and grape plans for the upcoming Organic Produce Summit show this July.

Howard Nager, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms®“Our team will be on hand to discuss the many opportunities that we have for organic melons and grapes,” the Director of Marketing and Business Development begins. “We currently have a number of organic melons available, such as our PureHeart® mini seedless watermelon and Tuscan Style® Extra-Sweet Cantaloupe. Both of these melons are sweet, flavorful, and packed with nutrition!”

Mmm, packed, you say?

PureHeart mini seedless watermelon is available now through the beginning of November. Dulcinea is harvesting these sweet beauties from Arizona, California, and Mexico. Also hailing from these ripe growing regions is the Tuscan Style Extra-Sweet Cantaloupe. Both are equally appealing to the summer fruit bowl or outdoor tray, and the sweet juiciness will keep consumers stocking up.

Pacific Trellis Fruit has a premium lineup of organic melons and grapes on deck for the upcoming Organic Produce Summit

And speaking of summer globes for snacking, Howard lets me in on the grower’s glorious grape program.

“We are currently sourcing organic red, green, and black grapes from Mexico through the month of June and into the first half of July,” Howard says. “As of now, we are looking to have a limited amount of green and red organic grapes available this summer out of California, but we will follow up with all colors of organic availability from Peru in Q1 of 2023.”

Grapes make for easy-to-prep and easy-to-eat snacks shoppers continue filling their carts up with, and with organic appeal continuing to rise, this summer is looking to heat up with more globes on the plate.

With its Mexican table grape offerings, Pacific Trellis Fruit is ready to keep retailers stocked over the summer

Be sure to stop by the Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms booth #812 to get more insight on these popping categories, and be sure to attend the educational session ‘Private Label vs. Consumer Brand: The Competition for Shelf Space,’ to hear from Chief Executive Officer Josh Leichter himself as one of the panelists during the event.

As the industry world keeps spinning, ANUK will keep reporting on the latest.

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