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Kingdom Fresh's Alberto Gonzalez and Guillermo Martinez Talk Further Moves in Sustainability and Organic

Kingdom Fresh's Alberto Gonzalez and Guillermo Martinez Talk Further Moves in Sustainability and Organic

DONNA, TX – With eyes ever set on the expansive growth of the company, Kingdom Fresh has big plans in store for its portfolio of products launching first through a newly offered line of organics paired with a new focus on sustainability.

Fresh off the launch of its new Organic Grape Tomatoes line, CEO Alberto Gonzalez and General Manager Guillermo Martinez recently told me more about the program, and where the company is projecting its success for next.

Alberto Gonzalez, CEO, Kingdom Fresh“We started production this year and the results so far have been fantastic, making for a very marketable product,” Alberto says of the company’s inaugural organic program, adding that the company built brand new greenhouses to launch the line.

Kingdom Fresh will offer this line year-round, with concentrated efforts to further push the line’s very sweet and high flavor profile. Guillermo divulges that what makes the product truly unique in the retail and foodservice markets is its production.

Guillermo Martinez, General Manager, Kingdom Fresh Farms

“Consumers can have a great tasting experience with a product they know is organically grown in greenhouses, which resonates strongly with them,” Guillermo tells me of the growing consumer demographic of organic-based purchases.

This stature means that Kingdom Fresh’s Organic Grape Tomatoes were not only produced with no chemicals, but were grown in the greenhouse using less water, biological pest controls, and square footage used when compared to the open field, Guillermo says.

The company is investing further into lessening its environmental impact by packaging the new line in a compostable/biodegradable carton tray, with a compostable top seal plastic film.

“This packing is a huge reduction on the usage of plastic, which means less contamination in landfills,” Alberto details. “We believe that with a product grown from seed to tomato in a sustainable way, we have to also use packaging that reflects that.”

Guillermo tells me that Kingdom Fresh isn’t looking to stop its sustainable focus with just the Organic Grape Tomatoes, but bring its other categories into the mix including romas, rounds, and TOV tomatoes.

“We have the capability to rapidly expand our organic production, and look forward to doing so,” finishes Guillermo.

Want to learn more about Kingdom Fresh’s new Organic Grape Tomatoes, and its sustainable focus? Catch the company at PMA Fresh Summit in the New Product Showcase, and at booth #2918.

See you there!

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