Kroger's Delta Division To Lower Prices for Thousands of Items

Kroger's Delta Division To Lower Prices for Thousands of Items

MEMPHIS, TN - Kroger is dropping a multi-million dollar investment this week, one that will translate to lower prices for as many as 3,000 items in 101 stores throughout parts of Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee. The price cuts span all store departments, including organic products, natural foods, grocery, and general merchandise.

Scot Hendricks, President - Delta Division, Kroger

“Our customers will find price reductions on every aisle, in every department, in each of our stores,” said Delta Division President Scot Hendricks, according to a report by the Memphis Daily News.

Teresa Dickerson, Corporate Affairs Manager, Delta Division, Kroger

Alongside Hendricks, Teresa Dickerson, Corporate Affairs Manager for the Delta Division, noted that the retailer will leave its old prices in place above the new discounts in order to send a clear message to its customers that tangible changes have been made. Each specially-discounted item can be identified by yellow “Low Price” stickers, distinct from sale prices or discounts that are given to Kroger Plus Card holders.

Kroger storefront

Will this strategy translate to a fiercer competitive edge for Kroger as it continues to wage retail war? AndNowUKnow has our eyes on further developments.