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Litehouse Foods' Alison Kellogg Discusses Tapping in On Increased Sales with OPA Pourables

Litehouse Foods' Alison Kellogg Discusses Tapping in On Increased Sales with OPA Pourables

SANDPOINT, ID - With a strong hold on the refrigerated salad dressings market, there’s a true passion for produce infused into the craveable flavor and applications of OPA by Litehouse® Pourables. Since its initial launch in 2016, OPA Pourables have boasted strong sales and a strong connection with the powerful Millennial demographic; elements that the company only expects to continue.

As Alison Kellogg, Brand Manager, recently told me, the key to the line’s success comes in its unforgettable flavor and convenient nature

Alison Kellogg, Brand Manager-Organic Line, Litehouse Foods“A major factor in Millennial purchase decisions is convenience. They like having quick and simple solutions at their fingertips to add great flavor to a meal with ease, and the OPA by Litehouse Pourable format makes it easy to do just that,” Alison tells me.

With the line’s lower calorie, higher protein health benefits, the selections are quickly becoming a staple item in the fridges of younger shoppers. Litehouse is capitalizing even further off of health-driven buyer behavior by ramping up cross-promotions in the produce department.

“Cross-promotions with complementary items such as bagged salads and other produce items work well to catch consumer attention and drive incremental sales,” Alison tells me. “Creating displays of items that pair well or work together in recipes can also create easy grab-and-go solutions for consumers.”

OPA Full Pourable Line

Litehouse offers its retail partners recipe cards that seamlessly demonstrate how the flavor profile of the Pourables series can further uplift the possibilities of produce for consumers. As the line’s new flavors gain even more distribution, the company is especially focusing on driving consumers to the shelf and grabbing their interest.

“We have a variety of materials available for retailers to drive consumer sales at the shelf level,” Alison says. “This includes shelf-talkers, shelf strips, and neck hangers. We’re also happy to create custom materials for our partners.”

The line that first began with a selection of unique flavors, now boasts the following flavor profiles in the OPA by Litehouse® Pourable format; Avocado Cilantro, Tzatziki Ranch, Ranch, Jalapeno Ranch, Feta Dill, Blue Cheese, Caesar, Strawberry Poppyseed, and Roasted Garlic.

What's next for produce and the potential of Litehouse Foods? AndNowUKnow will be sure to advise.

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