Litehouse Foods New OPA! by Litehouse Greek Style Yogurt Dressing

Litehouse Foods, long known for their nationally acclaimed salad dressings, has announced the launch of an exciting, one of a kind product that is new to the produce industry. OPA! by Litehouse™ Greek Style Yogurt Dressing, free of trans fat, MSG, artificial preservatives, and gluten, comes in four popular flavors: Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Caesar, and for Mediterranean lovers, Feta Dill.

A leader in refrigerator salad dressings, veggie dips, sauces, and fresh herbs, Litehouse boasts their Greek Style Yogurt salad dressings as made only with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

“Litehouse is excited to launch the OPA by Litehouse™ Greek Style Yogurt spoonable dressing line,” stated Doug Hawkins, Senior Business Development Manager. “We did extensive consumer studies to fine tune the final flavors, graphics, and packaging. Consumers love the fact that it offers a low calorie, high protein dressing option and still delivers a great taste, perfect for the health-conscious consumer. We also found that consumers prefer a glass bottle, which conveys premium and highest quality. When tested independently against competitive full fat/full calorie regular products, OPA by Litehouse™ Greek Style Yogurt Dressing scored significantly higher. This is a big deal.”

According to Hawkins, “Another measure of consumer acceptance is the knowledge of the Greek Yogurt category. It is one of the fastest growing categories in the entire grocery store. Up until now, it has been used in about everything but a spoonable refrigerated salad dressing. OPA by Litehouse™ changes all of that.”

The new dressings are available in an 11oz glass jar and will hit stores the week of August 6th.

Litehouse Foods

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