Mark Wahlberg Joins Jimmy Fallon in Watermelon Slingshot

Mark Wahlberg Joins Jimmy Fallon in Watermelon Slingshot

NEW YORK CITY, NY - The comical Jimmy Fallon is up to his melon mischief once again, this time challenging Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg to a watermelon-slinging competition.

It may not be consumption the way industry endeavors, but it certainly had the crowd collected at the New York Rockefeller Plaza pretty pumped over melons.

Wahlberg took to the sling first, nearly hitting a bullseye with an impressive splash.

From instant replays over where the melon falls, to golden melons worth triple points, watch the two in action and see he who takes the title below.

This is far from Fallon’s first foray into shining a spotlight on fresh produce. For melons specifically, the host hopped on the trending internet challenge to see how many rubber bands it takes to blow up a melon, marrying it comically with a spoof on Dick Wolf’s Chicago franchise.

He also had First Lady Michelle Obama on the show to talk increasing fresh produce consumption earlier this year, specifically the FNV movement to make fruits and veggies cool.

Here’s to keeping it fresh, Fallon, we look forward to the next antics involving produce.