Mastronardi Produce Featured in National “We Are The Best” TV and Radio Campaign Celebrating Canada’s 150

Mastronardi Produce Featured in National “We Are The Best” TV and Radio Campaign Celebrating Canada’s 150

KINGSVILLE, ON - With Canada continuing on its celebration of its 150th, the country’s government has been shining a spotlight on its best and brightest in a variety of industries. To help showcase Canada’s superpower status in the booming greenhouse industry, greenhouse pioneer Mastronardi Produce Ltd. was selected as part of its WE ARE THE BEST series of features

Paul Mastronardi, President and CEO, Mastronardi Produce“We’re very proud to be a part of WE ARE THE BEST to celebrate Canada 150,” shared fourth generation President/CEO Paul Mastronardi. “My family’s company prides itself on quality and innovation, so to be recognized across the country as the best in the business is truly an honor.”

A year-long nationwide campaign which pays tribute to the top companies and innovative leaders in Canada, the series is led by famed chef and television personality Ricardo, with each segment interviewing a prolific leader in a variety of Canadian industries. The result, according to a press release, is a 3-minute bilingual video which is released each week on Ricardo Media, CBC, and Radio-Canada.

Check out the video above to see Mastronardi Produce’s segment for yourself!

“Mastronardi Produce is an outstanding leader in their field,” stated Ricardo. “Paul Mastronardi leads an incredibly innovative company that clearly demonstrates their dedication to quality and flavor each and every day. They are, along with other Canadians producers, a true testament as to why we are the BEST!”

To learn more about the WE ARE THE BEST feature on Mastronardi Produce, you can check out the full spotlight on CBC here.



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