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Meijer to Restructure Information Technology Services Department

Meijer to Restructure Information Technology Services Department

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - In the face of an always competitive and restricting retail market, banners across the board are seeking out new strategies to give them the latest edge. Meijer is seeking to find its own leg up through efficiency; the company announced it will restructure its corporate information technology service departments in the coming months. 

Frank Guglielmi, Senior Director of Communications, Meijer“Our focus on being as efficient as possible is key to our ongoing success in a highly-competitive retail environment,” Frank Guglielmi, Senior Director of Communications, confirmed in an email to MiBiz.

Though Meijer declined to state any specific numbers or detailed strategies regarding the announcement, an anonymous source provided more details about the news. Meijer will reportedly lay off 46 employees and transfer another 25, affecting around 10 percent of its staff.

The employee, who remained unnamed as they are not authorized to speak on behalf of Meijer, said that the restructuring and downsize in this particular department is due to Meijer’s shift in focus to boost home delivery and grocery curbside pickup according to consumer preferences. Experts also disclosed to MiBiz that this announcement fits with the current dynamics of the buy-side industry. 

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The employees who may be transferred would have their employment moved to CapGemini, a French multinational I.T. consulting firm. This particular decision, is one that experts have noted will allow the retailer focus on important technological aspects needed to run new and growing parts of the chain. 

The changes are expected to occur throughout the rest of this year, and possibly into 2018

Growth is certainly in the works for the banner, as Meijer recently announced expansions to its grocery delivery partnership with Shipt. As we recently reported, the retailer is experimenting with new formats to strengthen its brand, announcing a new small format store called Bridge Street Market

Will this move give Meijer a key advantage in the buy-side market? AndNowUKnow will report.