Microsoft Puts an End to Internet Explorer

Microsoft Puts an End to Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, we hardly knew ye… The 20-year era of the infamous internet browser is being put to rest.

Good Riddance

Microsoft announced earlier this week that it is officially retiring the Internet Explorer brand in anticipation of Project Spartan’s debut this summer – the presently unnamed new default internet browser for Windows 10.

Some speculate that Microsoft’s decision to axe such a well-known brand may be to shed the poor reputation Internet Explorer has garnered over the years. Numerous security vulnerabilities, instability, and poor design decisions were some of the bigger issues, to name a few. Yes, a few. Given Microsoft’s admittedly humorous attempts to revive the brand with a number of ad campaigns, little could be done to repair its tarnished legacy even though more recent versions of the browser have alleviated these concerns.

If you’re still using Internet Explorer, do yourself a favor and check out these other browsers for a safe, faster browsing experience. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, both of which can be downloaded below.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Fret not, diehard Internet Explorer fans - the browser will stick around on Windows 10 for compatibility with older programs and devices. Nevertheless, now's as good a time as any to stop using this outdated browser.

Get Off Internet Explorer

The majority of our audience still uses Internet Explorer. Throughout much of its existence, Internet Explorer has generally been regarded as a nightmare for web developers because it puts a huge constraint on what they can create and too much time is wasted finding workarounds. Regardless, we’re happy to point out that fewer people are using Internet Explorer. From 2009 to 2010, more than 75 percent of AndNowUKnow viewers used Internet Explorer. That number has continued to decrease ever since.  

Here’s the current breakdown of which browsers our viewers have used to access the site from March 2014 to March 2015:

  • Internet Explorer (38.74%)
  • Google Chrome (26.70%)
  • Safari (22.54%)
  • Mozilla Firefox (7.94%)

We encourage everyone in the produce industry to switch to a better browser today. 

While it’s still unclear how Microsoft’s Project Spartan will perform in comparison to its predecessor, I'm sure that it will be scrutinized just as much, if not more.   

Let’s all raise a glass to the end of Internet Explorer. It will not be missed.