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Mission Produce's Denise Junqueiro Talks Size-Minded Program and Upcoming PMA

Mission Produce's Denise Junqueiro Talks Size-Minded Program and Upcoming PMA

OXNARD, CA - Mission Produce certainly has its own mission, and that's to provide consumers with a continuously exciting experience with its avocados. As we head toward PMA Fresh Summit, many are wondering what's ahead for the industry. Mission is making sure to make a mark on this year's festivities and those in attendance.

Denise Junqueiro, Director of Marketing, Mission Produce“We’re 35 years old, and we’re really focused on how innovation has been a pillar for who Mission is, as a whole,” Denise Junqueiro, Director of Marketing, shares with me. “We look at innovation in every aspect of our business. It’s been an exciting year for us, and we have been reminiscing about how we got here. It’s been a fun journey.”

Mission’s work hard, play hard mentality; innovation; eagerness to seize opportunities; willingness to take risks; great service; and quality produce; along with its strong relationships; and care for what they do—have all been at the forefront of thought for the company, and Denise is, more than ever, ready to rock and roll its avocados into retail in new and exciting ways.

Mission's Size-Minded program is a multi-size merchandising program

“What we are focusing on is our latest innovation, the Size-Minded program, which is a multi-size merchandising program that we just launched in September. We are going to have a merchandising feature in our PMA booth this year, where we will showcase POS solutions to demonstrate how two bulk sizes would work at retail,” Denise explains. “Over the last year, we launched Emeralds in the Rough, Mission Foodservice, and, now, Size-Minded—we wanted to utilize the booth to showcase what we have been bringing to the table. We look at ourselves as innovators, and that innovative mindset comes by finding solutions for the market.”

Everyone wants more avocados, Denise expresses, and I can’t help but nod my head vigorously. She goes on to point out that retailers are wanting to see what is the best way to capitalize on consumer demand and the popularity of avocados. Strategically developing the category through its Size Minded program is just the way to do it, Denise expresses. Always eager to provide answers and resources for industry needs, the company has built POS solutions to support that opportunity. This, then, is exemplary of Mission’s innovation-focused mindset: farming, ripening, and risking everything to take avocados to higher heights.

Mission Produce will be showcasing POS solutions at its booth at this year's PMA Fresh Summit

With the programs Mission continues to dish out to the industry in order to push produce in new directions and stretch its visibility in different arenas, it’s no wonder that the team pounces on every opportunity to meet those who motivate growth. When I ask Denise what she is looking forward to next, she shares with unmatched excitement that this PMA Fresh Summit is going to be one for the books.

“We can’t wait to celebrate our 35 years with all our partners and future partners and showcase our latest innovation,” Denise shares with excitement. “Stop by and see us! We’re excited to connect with everyone!” Denise says with exceptional cheer.

Meet you at the Mission booth, everyone! #1773, my friends.

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