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Mucci Farms Expands Cucumber Offerings, Continues Packaging Research, and Invests in Gratitude

Mucci Farms Expands Cucumber Offerings, Continues Packaging Research, and Invests in Gratitude

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA - Any “quiet” in this industry generally means there is a nose to the grindstone. True to this form is Mucci Farms, the epitome of the calm before a storm of introductions, activity, and announcements. The team has dug extra deep into its work as of late and is emerging with both expanded offerings and an increased awareness of its appreciation for those behind the curtain.

Joe Spano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mucci Farms“Building on the momentum of our lit culture winter program, we are transitioning to the local season with an emphasis on our cucumber offerings. The demand we saw over the last several months spoke volumes, so we’ve been able to dedicate a significant acreage of our farms to organic cucumbers and our award winning CuteCumber Poppers,” explains Joe Spano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “CuteCumber Poppers have been quite a hit and in high demand as they are a unique take on what you would normally see in the cucumber category. They are one-bite, finger length cucumbers that have an exceptional crunchy texture. It’s also a very versatile product as it’s suitable for children just based on size, but also great for adults as a no-prep snack. You can put them in a salad, use with a dip, or just have them on their own. The convenience factor is a premium feature.”

Keeping in mind, too, that consumers are looking to streamline their grocery trips while, at the same time, retailers are looking to keep traffic flowing, the team reassured me it remains a strong ally to both.

Mucci Farms CuteCumber™ Poppers have been in high consumer demand due to it being a very versatile product, great for children and adults alike

“We continue to search for and use the most sustainable and cost-efficient packaging options available to preserve product quality, and most importantly right now, maximize shelf-life, which will reduce the amount of trips consumers have to make to supermarkets,” Joe says.

On the supply-side, buyers can rest assured that product going into the package was handled with premium safety in mind, both for those that do the packing and to whom each fruit and veg is intended for.

Gianni Mucci, Vice President of Operations, Mucci Farms“Our Operations teams have done a fantastic job with keeping our team safe by providing them with additional PPE and implementing new policies and procedures consistent with direction from our Public Health Officials, while our HR team has created incentive programs as a small token of our appreciation for the sacrifice made by our staff and their families,” says Gianni Mucci, Vice President of Operations.

Such programs work to treat and thank everyone on the front line, from greenhouse and warehouse teams to forklift and truck drivers, and those adjusting to working remotely while continuing to get the job done.

Mucci continues to research new sustainable and cost-efficient packaging options that preserve product longer, maximizing shelf-life and reducing the amount of trips consumers need to make to the supermarket

“We are so proud and grateful for our front line staff that is working diligently under unique circumstances to make sure the supply chain remains as unaffected as possible,” Gianni shares with me. “It goes without saying, but we certainly have a new found appreciation for our team and all the essential workers across the world.”

Mucci Farms has also worked to show gratitude to those in the community, contributing to key entities such as hospitals and local charities. And, of course, by bringing the healthiest, safest product it can to market.

Mucci Farms is especially thankful for essential workers behind the scenes, working to keep everyone as safe as possible

“With a focus on health taking center stage, we think greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables that are harvested, packed, and shipped with the highest of quality standards should be at the forefront of produce departments,” Joe concludes.

Thank you not just to Mucci, but all the essential workers that ensure the very first line of defense for health, fruits, and vegetables, gets to the public across the globe.

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