North Bay Produce Introduces Its First Line of Dried Fruits

North Bay Produce Introduces Its First Line of Dried Fruits

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TRAVERSE CITY, MI - Consumer demand is what drives the evolution of this industry, and with the eating public demanding more foods suitable for snacking, produce providers would do well to heed the call. North Bay Produce, Inc. is taking a step outside its comfort zone with its first addition to the dried fruits category. The cooperative is poised for success with its new five-item line of dried fruits that hold tremendous consumer appeal due to the use of quality fruits and minimal ingredients.

Nick Osmulski, President, North Bay Produce, Inc.“Many of the North Bay’s farms grow these fruits and it is another way to offer healthy products that consumers crave,” said Nick Osmulski, President. “For years, many of our customers have asked if we might offer dried fruits. So, after extensively studying the best methods of drying to assure that the best flavor and health benefits come through, North Bay is finally ready to launch this exciting new product line.”

North Bay Produce is introducing a line of dried fruits, including blueberries, cherries, and cranberries

The new line includes dried blueberries, cherries, cherries with zero added sugar, cranberries, and whole cranberries. As a pioneer in fresh produce, the move to dried fruits may seem unusual, but for North Bay Produce, the new line represents a natural progression of its products and business. Considerable care went into the creation of the new products, as the cooperative was determined to deliver exceptional dried fruits.

Jon Wall, Vice President of Operations, North Bay Produce“There is a real art and science to drying fruit well, and we feel that we have perfected the craft,” Jon Wall, VP of Operations, commented in a press release. “We are excited to be launching North Bay Produce Dried Fruits, and we believe it will be a hit because most importantly, people will taste the real fruit flavor in every bite.”

Attendees of PMA Fresh Summit will have the chance to examine the new line of dried fruits up-close and in-person. At the North Bay Produce booth, the cooperative’s produce experts will be on hand to highlight the many ways that dried fruits can be used—not just for snacking, but as a natural compliment to many fresh produce options, such as salad toppings, mixed in with granola and nuts, or an excellent addition to baking.

Interested in seeing the wares for yourself? Head over to booth #2080 and sample the cooperative’s latest contribution to produce. Keep reading AndNowUKnow for more insight into upcoming industry shows.

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