Numerator Provides Unprecedented Resources for the Produce Industry

Numerator Provides Unprecedented Resources for the Produce Industry

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CHICAGO, IL - While it may be possible to have too much of a good thing, this is hardly the case when it comes to the consumer insights provider, Numerator. This innovative company has only continued on its upward growth trajectory, rolling out some of the most forward-thinking services on the market. I had the chance to get the inside scoop on Numerator, and couldn’t wait to find out how the company might serve the fresh produce industry.

Valerie Ferguson, Consumer Insights Consultant, Numerator“Numerator gives brands the fastest insight into what consumers buy and why. By providing detailed data on marketing programs (including advertising and promotions) that influence the path to purchase, as well as deep insight into consumer purchasing across brands—regardless of the distribution channel—we provide our clients with a truly omnichannel view of the market,” said Valerie Ferguson, Consumer Insights Consultant at Numerator.

There are so many opportunities, especially in the current climate, to learn more about shoppers and how they engage with the produce category overall. Numerator is able to provide unique insights into the market including the rise of e-commerce buying, the rise of small-format stores, the rise of small and private label brands, the shift toward locally grown and sourced food, and so much more.

Numerator, the consumer insights company, is continuing its upward growth trajectory as it rolls out some of the most forward-thinking series on the market

“Our produce clients can go beyond the fact that units or pounds may be up, and instead dig into the driving forces, like category switching, new shoppers, or leakage. They can understand who their shoppers are demographically and psychographically, and identify where else these shoppers are spending their dollars,” Valerie continued. “For clients with brands/varieties entering new markets, we help them identify trial and repeat rates, directly informing merchandising and marketing programs, retailer placements, and co-branded partnerships.”

I was first turned on to Numerator’s services by an industry friend, Richard Vann, who previously facilitated collaborations between the company and a well-known potato supplier.

Richard Vann, Owner, Kymera Management Group“What Numerator allows you to do is get a deep insight into your consumer behavior, not only of your particular products, but of the people who are buying your products. You get an insight into the profile of who those consumers are, and you also get detailed information about why they're buying your product. You can ask them specific questions, and that's very unique and very powerful for any company, and particularly for the marketing department,” added Richard, Owner of Kymera Management Group, a management consulting firm that helps entrepreneurial organizations grow their business.

Numerator’s services facilitate a two-way communication with participants, enabling instant surveys of actual buyers. And by allowing panelists to opt-in to data sharing, the company is able to provide a seamless view of online and offline buying for a single panelist.

Numerator offers partners the chance to learn more about shoppers and how they engage with with the produce category overall

“We recognize that things change quickly in the produce industry. Rapid fluctuation in prices, supply, and trends can all impact what is happening at store level, and Numerator gives our produce clients the ability to follow these changes from a consumer’s perspective,” concluded Valerie. “We’ve received a very positive response from our clients in the produce industry because of the speed at which we’re providing data, the ease of access, the ability to survey verified buyers, and the sheer volume of information available.”

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with this fast-growing company as you look to build out your marketing and merchandising programs through concrete data! Keep checking in with us at AndNowUKnow for more of the most innovative news.


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