Overturned Truck Spills 80,000 Pounds of Fruit

Overturned Truck Spills 80,000 Pounds of Fruit

MOBILE, AL - Try to picture in your brain the amount of 80,000 pounds. It seems fairly impossible, doesn’t it? Now picture 80,000 pounds of fruit splashed across a highway, and your brain may have to do even more intellectual somersaults to conjure the image.

But that image wasn’t far off for some who witnessed a tractor-trailer carrying literal tons of fruit overturning, causing its contents to spill across the highway. It took crews nearly 11 hours to clean up the spilled fruit from the roadway and offload the overturned trailer.

According to a report from FOX10, the truck was traveling Eastbound Interstate 10 when it struck the inside of a retaining wall before the entrance of Wallace Tunnel. Parts of the trailer were sheared off by the wall, landing in the westbound lanes of I-10.

We are happy to report that the driver was relatively unharmed apart from several cuts to his arm, and no other injuries were reported by police.

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