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Patrick Kelly Highlights Culinary Partnership Between The Produce Industry Podcast and Walk-In Talk Media

Patrick Kelly Highlights Culinary Partnership Between The Produce Industry Podcast and Walk-In Talk Media

TAMPA, FL - Promoting fresh and healthy produce is second nature to us in this industry—apart from growing it, that is. For us trade news reporters, we not only help build bridges between growers and readers but also shine a spotlight on the unique ways fresh produce can help our health. And I’m not just talking about eating. The Produce Industry Podcast has teamed up with Walk-In Talk Media to bring a delicious spin to field-grown produce through culinary creations straight from foodservice kitchens.

Patrick Kelly, Founder, The Produce Industry Podcast“By integrating supplier and grower products into high-end hotels and restaurants with top chefs, Walk-In Talk Media not only enhances the suppliers’ and growers’ visibility and reach but also creates a sense of legitimacy and expertise within the industry,” Patrick Kelly, Founder of The Produce Industry Podcast, comments. “When these esteemed establishments choose to showcase and utilize these products, it signifies their quality and superior taste, further solidifying the suppliers’ and growers’ reputation as trusted and sought-after sources.”

The partnership between The Produce Industry Podcast and Walk-In Talk Media helps producers tap into a network of renowned culinary professionals to put their products into practical use. Creating collaborative efforts such as these is fundamental to promoting the food industry and is necessary to support both farmers and buyers, thereby creating more value across the supply chain—a value both Patrick and Walk-In Talk Media Founder Carl Fiadini believe in.

Content created with Walk-In Talk Media highlights the versatility of products in high-end culinary experiences, producing a powerful promotional tool from high-end hotels to upscale restaurants.

“This collaboration brings together distinct entities within the culinary industry to mutually benefit and enhance their respective brands, positioning their products as premium choices and gaining instant credibility,” continues Patrick. “Overall, this collaboration represents a distinctive form of cross-marketing and branding by leveraging the reputation, expertise, and unique stories of suppliers, growers, high-end hotels, and restaurants. It creates a powerful synergy that benefits all parties involved and elevates their brands to new heights within the culinary trade.”

Through the alliance, growers can access audiences across podcasts, TV programs, and magazines and feel good knowing this media partnership also benefits mental health and substance abuse awareness. In the end, it helps everyone along the chain, from producers to buyers to consumers.

Walk-In Talk Media’s content serves as a bridge, providing a platform for entities to engage with each other and establish meaningful relationships,” Patrick concludes. “This cross-pollination of brands not only expands the reach of all parties involved but also creates a sense of community and shared values within the culinary industry.”

As we’re all very well aware, we eat with our eyes first, and this partnership ticks all the boxes. Stay tuned for more updates from AndNowUKnow.

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