Produce Pipeline Brings Daily Deals to the Industry

Produce Pipeline Brings Daily Deals to the Industry

BELLEVUE, WA - If you’re familiar with “flash sales,” or daily deals at websites like Groupon, you may be surprised to hear that the concept is now coming to the produce industry. Produce Pipeline, a subsidiary of Washington-based produce distributor Pacificpro Inc., has launched a new service this month to provide these flash sales on produce for retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice buyers nationwide.

Randy Hartmann, FounderThe produce market has traditionally been relatively inelastic, which obviously poses a significant problem for an industry with such a highly perishable product,” said Randy Hartmann, Founder of Produce Pipeline and Partner at Pacificpro. “For a variety of reasons, be it geography, marketing capacity, or a dozen other issues, it’s been challenging to move produce quickly on the spot market.”

Produce Pipeline provides suppliers a way to promote and sell products to buyers due to issues relating to excess inventory, market conditions, or shelf life. General information on the commodity, grade, variety, and FOB “deal” price is provided by the producer. The offer is then disseminated via the website and through a frequent e-mail pushed to buyers across the country.  

Hartmann notes that Pacificpro has procured and distributed produce for three generations, building well-established relationships with buyers nationwide. “We hear day-after-day from those buyers that they want and will take advantage of flash sales,” he said.

Produce Pipeline gives buyers the flexibility to bring in new inventory at a manageable price point, resulting in better margins, a lower price point for consumers, or both, according to a press release. Buyers will have the same access to information to ensure they’re receiving the highest quality products.

For those interested in having products listed on Produce Pipeline, you may contact the office at 425-885-7200. Buyers interested in signing up for e-mail “flash sales” from Produce Pipeline can subscribe here.

As someone who often takes advantage of flash sales, this opportunity sounds like a big one for the produce industry and buyers.  

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