Prophet's Tony Zuccato and Mick Heatherington Discuss Growth and Innovation Potential for North American Market

Prophet's Tony Zuccato and Mick Heatherington Discuss Growth and Innovation Potential for North American Market

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WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA - Where does the future lie and where do we want to be when it meets us? This is the question Tony Zuccato asks, based on the wisdom of having made a career of anticipating what’s next for the fresh industry. It’s been seven months since the Chief Operating Officer joined Prophet—a move he recently shared with me utilizes the past to foster what’s ahead.

Tony Zuccato, Chief Operations Officer, Prophet

“I was looking for the right opportunity that would allow me to bring my knowledge of the industry, my customer management skills, and to help a company grow. Prophet has done great before in the U.K. and in South Africa. Now, we have an amazing chance to grow in the U.S. and in North America. I was very impressed by the robust system; I love that the software is current, and that we can offer a huge benefit to the industry based on an already strong track record of success,” Tony explained.

While his 32 years of experience, just over 18 served most recently at Produce Pro Software, highlight a plethora of accomplishments, Tony said the biggest for himself was in recruiting, mentoring, and contributing to the growth of a team that grew significantly over the years. Potentially more impressively, the company achieved a 90 percent-or-more retention rate every one of Tony’s 18-and-a-half years. This achievement aligns beautifully with Prophet’s goals to show the U.S. why it has garnered such a following across the Atlantic.

Mick Heatherington, Vice President of Sales, Prophet

“While we know that we're phenomenal at developing very clever software, we'd been on the lookout for a COO for the business—somebody like Tony who would have a great track record of implementing and managing teams and servicing produce people was exactly what we were hoping for,” Mick Heatherington, Vice President of Sales, said. “Tony has great knowledge of the industry and how to grow in exactly the way we are aiming to. We're absolutely delighted to have him; we feel it's one of the jigsaw pieces that we needed in place to really move the product on within the produce industry.”

As to the rest of the puzzle, Tony said Prophet has all that is needed in place once word of mouth spreads.

“Customers in produce specifically want a software provider that's going to be trained, ready, and available for their specific schedule. To be available when needed, improve what exists, but not to be nickel-and-dimed to do so, which is what Prophet offers. It's exciting to grow, to explore how we're going to try to meet that challenge, and, for me, it's a new beginning to go back in time carrying what I know now,” Tony reflected.

Prophet reflects on opportunities within the United States market after seeing success in Great Britain and South Africa

Discussing Prophet’s unique advantages for the customers, Tony and Mick discuss a “low code, no code” architecture which can be set up and implemented to the desire of the customer. The result is an in-depth understanding in order to custom-fit Prophet’s technology to a customer.

“Customers want a partner that's going to be there for the long-term. A company that only has success when the customers have success with the software. It's not just about the initial sale, how can you grow your business? This is why it is so important to invest in our technology and look to innovate, and Prophet has always done that—Prophet’s latest Workspace Technology is actually the third revision of the Prophet system that they've done over time!” Tony boasted.

Having some experience in technology spring cleaning, I can appreciate the company’s willingness to continually develop technology—especially as this is what is being asked of any prospective customers. It is indicative, Tony said, of the company at large as a partner.

Spotlighting collaboration, Prophet offers its customers customizable solutions that work for their operations

“I'm excited by the ability to take the strengths we have and try to figure out how to grow and scale what we're doing. Ultimately, my passion, the reason that I get up in the morning, is because I really want to find the right people and help them; help them grow, help the company grow, and help team members come in and make a difference for the customer. That's what it's all about,” Tony concluded.

I can’t think of a better reason to start the work day, or more to ask for in those I share it with.

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