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Snack Feature: Caitlin Antle Wilson of Tanimura & Antle

Snack Feature: Caitlin Antle Wilson of Tanimura & Antle

Salinas native, farmer’s daughter, family business enthusiast, NCHA World Champion finalist, dedicated wife, and dog mommy, Caitlin Antle Wilson embodies all the attributes of a real working woman in the produce world. As she stepped into her new role as Director of Sales and Marketing at Tanimura & Antle this year, we wanted to know: what are some of her favorite things?

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Caitlin Antle Wilson, Sales & Marketing Director, Tanimura & Antle: My Favorite Things

1.) Instagram


“My escape from reality. National Geographic and Fashion Dads are my favorite!”

2.) The Bench, Pebble Beach


The Bench at Pebble Beach

3.) Soul Cycle


“The most intense big city destination workout.”

4.) Up Band

“I keep myself on track with the UP system by Jawbone.”

5.) Telluride, CO

“My favorite vacation spot.”

6.) Patrick Lencioni’s books


“My favorite leadership guru!”

7.) The Chop & Pop Salad from Proof


“My guilty pleasure.”

8.) Old Gringo Boots


9.) Juby True Juice, Scottsdale, AZ


“A salad I can sip!”

Caitlin Antle Wilson

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