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Starbucks Introduces Season Strawberry-Suffused Vampire Frappuccinos

Starbucks Introduces Season Strawberry-Suffused Vampire Frappuccinos

SEATTLE, WA - Eyeballs made of olives, spaghetti “brains,” lady fingers with extra lady—these are just a few of the chilling treats I have seen pop up around the spookiest holiday of all: Halloween. But, this year, Starbucks has decided to offer its own riff on the most haunting of all eating occasions to sink your fangs into, adding produce to its signature frapps in the form of strawberry “blood.

Sound yummy to you?

Vampire Frappucino

After checking out the details, the so-called Vampire Frappuccino actually sounds pretty delicious to me. Marrying the fruity tang of a strawberry sauce with the decadence of a chocolately frappuccino base and topped off with a dollop of whipped cream, the drink actually takes on kind of Neapolitan-type flavor, writes Refinery29. In fact, there are two twists on the spooky treat, Mr. and Mrs. Vampire Frappucinos.

“Both these fang-tastic beverages start off with a layer of mocha sauce and a dollop of whipped cream on the bottom,” writes Starbucks Singapore in a statement. “With Mr Vampire Frappuccino®, chocolatey cereal is layered on top, while Mrs Vampire Frappuccino® sees sweet vanilla added to the mix. Both drinks are then finished with blood red strawberry purée oozing from the rim and are topped with whipped cream.”

So, how can you wrap your claws around one of these bad boys (or girls)? Alas to us Americans, HelloGiggles reports that both versions of the Vampire Frappuccino have been added to Starbucks menus in the U.K., Singapore, Norway, and Sweden.

HOWEVER—if you’re not too shy to hit up your local barista for a little bit of handcrafted vampire blood, you may still be able to get your daily dose of chocolate-smothered produce. Refinery29 assures readers that all you have to do is order up one of Starbucks’ chocolate-based Frapps and ask for a drizzle of strawberry sauce—luckily an ingredient they keep on hand year-round. Trick or Treat yo' self!

Is this drink just your (blood) type? Eat, drink, and be scary ANUK readers!


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