SunFed Adds Roma Tomatoes to Its Almost Famous Line

SunFed Adds Roma Tomatoes to Its Almost Famous Line

RIO RICO, AZ – SunFed has introduced a new addition to its line of Almost Famous imperfect produce. Almost Famous Roma tomatoes are the latest in this line of high-graphic, grab-and-go offerings that fight food waste while offering exceptional value to consumers.

Craig Slate, President and CEO, SunFed“Our Roma tomatoes add to our full line of Almost Famous products. These fruits and vegetables have the same flavor profile, nutritional value, and internals as our number one produce offerings,” said Craig Slate, President and CEO, in a press release. “This is perfectly good produce, that otherwise might be left in the field, that we’re marketing in a way that is convenient and appealing to consumers of all budgets.”

SunFed Roma tomatoes

Rounding out a product line that includes eggplant, green bell peppers, colored bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and yellow squash, this latest addition to the Almost Famous family offers the same consistency and flavor profile that SunFed’s partners have come to expect from the company’s tomatoes. At the same time, by repurposing cosmetically-imperfect—albeit nutritious and delicious produce—the program is making strides to reduce waste while simultaneously making fresh produce available to shoppers with a variety of budgets.

Almost Famous Roma tomatoes are available in three-pound pouch bags; the convenient packaging and striking branding are designed to help retailers build more brand-value and take advantage of convenience-focused shopping trends. And while Almost Famous Roma tomatoes are currently in limited supply, a precaution to ensure demand is met, the company expects to expand and reach full nationwide distribution in months to come.

SunFed Roma tomatoes

“We are currently packing in central Mexico and will transition to other growing regions to ensure a year-round supply,” added Craig. “We’re anxious to see what the reception is like on the Roma pack. We’ve been thrilled by the success of the current Almost Famous programs, and hope to have continued success meeting customers’ needs while reducing food waste.”

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