Sunkist Growers Partners With Tajín Seasonings at Rose Parade® Floatfest; Christina Ward and Juan Carlos Limon Discuss

Sunkist Growers Partners With Tajín Seasonings at Rose Parade® Floatfest; Christina Ward and Juan Carlos Limon Discuss

HOUSTON, TX - It’s amazing how cross merchandising ideas can come to light. Take, for example, the collaboration between Sunkist Growers and Tajín Seasonings, both of which have created an innovative display for the Rose Parade® Floatfest in Pasadena, California, slated for January 1 and 2. Highlighting how complementary Sunkist® citrus and Tajín are when paired together, the two companies have made it clear that these two products are a match made in retail heaven.

Christina Ward, Senior Director of Global Marketing, Sunkist Growers“We are thrilled to be a part of the annual celebration and tradition of the Rose Parade’s Floatfest. Sunkist will be there, alongside Tajín, to sample our delicious California-grown citrus with the great taste of Tajín’s chile and lime seasonings,” stated Sunkist’s Senior Director of Marketing, Christina Ward.

According to a press release, the highlight of the Sunkist and Tajín display is the ability for participants to sample fresh Sunkist Navel orange segments with an option to sprinkle Tajín on top. That sounds like a win to me!

Juan Carlos Limon, Marketing Manager, Tajín USA“Tajín is the leading seasoning for fresh fruits and vegetables in North America, and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to create experiences for Tajín consumers to enjoy our products,” added Juan Carlos Limon, Marketing Manager, Tajín USA. “We know Sunkist is the leader in the citrus category, and we have launched a terrific opportunity for fans of oranges and Tajín to combine the two for a fun eating and snacking experience during Floatfest.”

Each year, nearly 70,000 visitors head to Sierra Madre and Washington Boulevards in Pasadena to see the floats.

Sunkist Growers partnered with Tajín Seasonings to create a cross-merchandising strategy during its Floatfest® debut

That’s a huge chance to make memorable impressions on shoppers! Plus, the Sunkist and Tajín collaboration will extend to in-store promotions at select retail locations.

If that doesn’t make for some holiday magic, I don’t know what does.

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