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Sunkist's Joan Wickham, Limoneira's John Chamberlain, and Bee Sweet Citrus' Monique Bienvenue Talk Strong Lemon Market

Sunkist's Joan Wickham, Limoneira's John Chamberlain, and Bee Sweet Citrus' Monique Bienvenue Talk Strong Lemon Market

UNITED STATES, SOUTH AFRICA, & SOUTH AMERICA – Summer is heating up, and as consumers turn to citrus for their on-trend methods of cooling down, I took a moment to peek in on the state of the current lemon market. 

“This year’s lemon crop has been strong,” Joan Wickham, Director of Communications at Sunkist Growers, tells me. “We’re expecting good supply with excellent juice content and flavor, as we head into the summer months when demand rises with summer entertaining.” 

Growing out of California and Arizona, Sunkist is able to ship lemons year-round, both nationally and globally sourced, which Joan says is only aided by the rising market demand over the past few years, “According to IRI/Freshlook data, domestic lemon sales are up over 10% in dollars this year, compared to last, and 8% in volume.”

To match this rising consumer demand for lemons, Sunkist is customizing its programming and materials to best fit the needs of retailers, such as lemonade displays featuring lemonade ingredients, or lemon use with products from other grocery departments. 

“We also have new, one-pound organic lemon netbag, and Meyer lemon pouch bag this summer. These packaging offer a great way for consumers to try smaller quantities of specialty lemon varieties,” finishes Joan. 

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, tells me that Bee Sweet Citrus is also gearing up for a fruitful season. “The market is very strong right now,” Monique says. “It should remain that way throughout the remainder of the season, and just like last year, we’re seeing exceptional quality.” 

Bee Sweet is growing out of California and Chile this year, and expects a steady supply with no gaps in its lemon program. “Chilean volume is about the same this year, and came a bit early. The only real difference is a larger size structure now,” Monique tells me. Bee Sweet’s domestic region is utilized year-round.

Limoneira is also gearing up for a strong season out of California, as John Chamberlain, Director of Marketing, recently divulged.

“The market is very strong this year,” John tells me. “Demand is good, and quality and pricing have matched that.” Limoneira grows in California, Arizona, Chile, and South Africa, and has partnerships in Argentina, Mexico, and New Zealand. Limoneira is planning to match the strong market, and as John says, a rising consumer demand with new recipes and summer-focused promotional content.

Limoneira is currently promoting all of its regular lemons, as well as the Meyer and Seedless varieties. “Consumers and retailers can choose from a variety of sizes, grades, and packaging options during the season,” John continues. “Packages will include recipes, and information from Megan Roosevelt, Limoneira’s Lemons for Life™ spokesperson, a registered dietician and founder of Healthy Grocery Girl.”

As we continue to move through the season and beyond, stay with AndNowUKnow for the latest in market updates and promotional opportunities.

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