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Tesla and Walmart Said to Settle Solar Panel Suit

Tesla and Walmart Said to Settle Solar Panel Suit

NEW YORK - Back in August, we reported on a monumental lawsuit that took the industry by storm. After at least seven fires broke out at Walmart stores, the company found that Tesla’s solar panels installed on the roofs were at fault, and demanded that they be removed at over 200 locations. Walmart filed an official lawsuit against Tesla, claiming “widespread, systematic negligence,” according to Reuters. The dust has finally settled this morning, as the two companies released a joint statement announcing the lawsuit’s resolution.

Tesla provided the statement early this morning, as Reuters reported, stating that the company was “pleased to have resolved the issues raised by Walmart” and that it anticipates “a safe re-energization of [its] sustainable energy systems.” Walmart previously sued Tesla for breach of contract on August 20, 2019, demanding that the solar panels be removed at over 240 of its stores. This has now been retracted.

Walmart and Tesla have reached a resolution to their lawsuit, which cited fires related to solar panels on the retailer's rooftops

This settlement is another win for sustainability initiatives across the industry. Because these two major companies came to a respectful agreement, they set an example for all environmental efforts moving forward. We extend our congratulations and thanks to Walmart and Tesla on setting this precedent.

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