Tive to Host Live Webinar on Cargo Theft and Fraud; Krenar Komoni and Lauren Seigle Comment

Tive to Host Live Webinar on Cargo Theft and Fraud; Krenar Komoni and Lauren Seigle Comment

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BOSTON, MA - Tive is helping companies combat cargo theft and fraud. Bringing insights from a panel of experienced experts, the company is hosting a webinar to explore how operators can harness technology to fight these rising challenges.

Krenar Komoni, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tive“In the shadow of a freight recession, the logistics landscape faces the mounting challenges of cargo theft and fraud,” said Krenar Komoni, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “These threats not only risk the safety of goods but also significantly erode profit margins of shippers and brokers.”

As Tive shared in a recent release, the rise of cargo theft and fraud is a threat to everyone’s security and profit margins, but companies are not defenseless. Produce businesses can optimize the latest logistics technology solutions to help protect their profits, lower operating costs, and prevent loss.

Tive is hosting a webinar to explore how companies can harness technology to combat cargo theft and fraud

On November 13 at 11 a.m. EDT, the provider’s live webinar will unpack the growing landscape of cargo theft and carrier identity fraud, while also sharing real-world success stories of companies who have protected their cargo from loss and mishandling with the right tech stack.

Moderated by Eric Johnson, Senior Logistics Technology Editor at JOC.com, a panel of experts will discuss the following:

  • How real-time visibility tools offer unparalleled insights into cargo movements and potential mishandling or thefts (Tive’s Krenar Komoni)
  • The significance of geofencing technology in providing precise and accurate geospatial visibility to cargo (Lucas Schorer, Co-Founder and President, Kestrel Insights)
  • The pressing issue of load phishing and the revolutionary carrier identify authentication solutions available to address it (Jordan Graft, Founder and CEO, Highway)

Lauren Seigle, Senior Marketing Programs Manager, Tive“Join us as our expert panel explores how modern logistics technologies—from real-time visibility trackers to digital identity verification—are providing robust solutions to protect these margins,” Lauren Seigle, Senior Marketing Programs Manager. “Our panel will share their insights on the challenges, technological solutions, and the transformative impact of these tools in ensuring profit margins remain intact.”

Click here to register for the live event.

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