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Trader Joe's Expands With Two New Stores in Florida and Arizona

Trader Joe's Expands With Two New Stores in Florida and Arizona

FLORIDA & ARIZONA - Expansion in the retail sector is like a game of chess: Each player must keep a close eye on the board and be incredibly precise in their decision-making. I like to think of Trader Joe’s expansion plans as such, with the retailer carefully evaluating its options and choosing to strike all in a moment's notice. Trader Joe’s has once again moved some of its chess pieces, touching down in two new locations.

As advertised on Trader Joe’s Announcements page, the grocer has scouted out locations for two new stores in Arizona and Florida. Though the company remains tightlipped about the timeline for these openings, we can confirm the exact location where each store will stand.

Trader Joe’s is making moves in its expansion strategy by announcing two new locations to touch down in Arizona and Florida

In Queen Creek, Arizona, Trader Joe’s will open a new store at 21186 S. Ellsworth Loop. Additionally, Trader Joe’s plans to open a store in Coral Spring, Florida, expected to open at 2796 N. University Drive. Further details were not disclosed, but you can bet your bottom dollar that ANUK will keep a lookout.

Are these announcements the beginning of an elaborate expansion plan? Stick with us to find out.

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