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Walmart and Kroger Tie on Kantar Retail's 2016 PowerRanking

Walmart and Kroger Tie on Kantar Retail's 2016 PowerRanking

BOSTON, MA - Who is best-in-class among retailers when it comes to distinguishing themselves among key areas, and boasts the strongest manufacturer-retailer business relationship?

Kantar Retail’s 2016 US PoweRanking® survey gives it to Walmart… and Kroger.

“Perhaps the quote that best summarized 2015 was, ‘Never before has so much change produced so little value for the industry,’” Kantar noted, according to news source KamCity. “As we entered the 2016 calendar year, many of the same trends of 2015 continued, all of which reinforce the idea that we are in an era of permanent transition and change. However, those organisations that have embraced the change in 2016 and took swift actions against big, relevant opportunities are beginning to see the return on the changes they have implemented.”

Walmart, Kantar said, continued to outrank as far as clear strategy and supply-chain management. But Kroger, who has made several moves for growth and a broader offering, took its place as a worthy opponent with the ability to innovate and maximise the shopper experience. This was credited to the insights Kroger gets from 84.51°, the company’s shopper insights and data firm.

As a result, manufacturers voted Kroger as number one for:

  • Best retailer to do business with
  • Best buying teams
  • Most innovative merchandising
  • Best practice category leadership

So, at a virtual tie, Walmart and Kroger share the title for retailers while PepsiCo to best-in-class on manufacturing. To enquire after the full report, click here.

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