Walmart Expands Partnership with Symbiotic to Enhance Supply Chain; EVP Joe Metzger Comments

Walmart Expands Partnership with Symbiotic to Enhance Supply Chain; EVP Joe Metzger Comments

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BENTONVILLE, AR - A sure sign of a successful partnership is its expansion, and Walmart seems to have chosen wisely in the case of its team-up with Symbiotic. The retailer recently revealed that the two were launching a brand-new technology system that works to sort, store, retrieve, and pack freight onto pallets, which will improve intake, accuracy, and handling across Walmart’s distribution centers. Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Operations Joe Metzger made the announcement last week.

Joe Metzger, Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Operations, Walmart“This system uses a complex algorithm to store cases like puzzle pieces using high-speed mobile bots—operating with a precision that speeds the intake process and increases the accuracy of freight being stored for future orders,” Metzger wrote in a company blog post. “By using dense modular storage, it also expands building capacity. And by using high-speed palletizing robotics to organize and optimize freight, it creates custom store- and aisle-ready pallets, which take the guesswork out of unloading trucks. In short, this is a game changer.”

This new system will be deployed at 25 of Walmart’s current roster of 42 regional distribution centers and will alter how products get to stores. When applied at Walmart’s scale, the post went on to note, the technology allows associates to process product faster.

Walmart has recently expanded its partnership with Symbiotic to revolutionize intake, increase accuracy, and change how freight is handled at its regional distribution centers

“Along with saving time, limiting out-of-stocks, and increasing the speed of stocking and unloading, we’ll also have the chance to train associates on how to use the new equipment, creating new skills, and preparing them for jobs in the future. And because the technology decreases the need for our associates to handle freight, it removes one of the toughest aspects of supply chain work in material handling,” Metzger added.

Is there even more expansion to come for these two partners? If so, ANUK will be here keeping you in the loop.