Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA's Jeffrey Onstot Discusses Upcoming California Avocado Season

Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA's Jeffrey Onstot Discusses Upcoming California Avocado Season

OXNARD, CA - Who’s ready for California avocado season? This consumer turned trade news writer sure is! The CA crop of green gold will soon be hitting store shelves, and we at ANUK were eager to hear what’s in store. I got in touch with Jeffrey Onstot, Director of Sales Operations at Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA, who delivered a positive outlook.

Jeffrey Onstot, Director of Sales Operations, Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA“The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA) Avocado Inspection Program (AIP) has issued avocado release for all CA Hass avocado sizes,” he told me. “The volume is very light, but the season will gain momentum with harvest volumes increasing in March. Peak volumes will be available for promotions April through early July, which will taper off by the end of July.”

As Jeffrey explained, Westfalia expects beautiful fruit with exceptional quality this season. The crop is estimated at approximately 240 million lbs of Hass for the 2023 season, which is down 10–15 percent from last year. However, the size curve should be well balanced, he noted, with most sizes readily available April through June.

Jeffrey also explained how demand for CA avocados has increased across the nation as retailers are seeking domestically grown fruit. He said CA fruit fits well into retailer and foodservice sustainability initiatives countrywide, and a few key retailers in the East have shown interest in growing their CA offerings again this year.

Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA expects beautiful fruit with exceptional quality this California avocado season

“In our opinion, retailers cannot afford to not promote the wonderful aspects of CA fruit! Key promotion elements will be the aspect of ‘California fresh’ locally grown fruit and the nutrient-dense properties avocados offer consumers,” Jeffrey added. “CA fruit has a strong track record of premium quality and delicious flavor that adorns the avocado category. Retailers should work with shippers to focus on the most plentiful sizes available—there will be plenty of larger and medium sizes this season, especially after the recent rains California experienced.”

Adding even more excitement to the season, Westfalia will be opening its CA ranch for key customers over the next few months to experience the Westfalia Difference on California soil. The grower will be showcasing the 2023 crop where customers will be able to see the heritage and future of California avocados.

“We will take them through the life cycle of CA avocados and share how the crops are resilient and sustainable over time and provide an overview of the best-in-class growing practices,” Jeffrey stated. “These events are very important for our customers to be able to gain a deeper understanding of the most important aspect of the avocado supply chain. This type of education fosters true partnerships that drive connection and innovation of avocado retail categories to new heights. We look forward to a very busy season.”

Westfalia Fruit Marketing USA will be opening its California ranch for key customers over the next few months to experience the Westfalia Difference on California soil

As we wrapped up our interview, Jeffrey left me with some words of positivity for the future.

“We love California avocados and know this season will yield some very successful programs. Although the crop may be lighter than last year, we are thankful for the winter rains that could make 2024 a banner California crop,” he concluded.

April is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to plan out how California avocados will become fixtures of your produce department. For more on the upcoming season, stick with us.

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