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Wonderful Citrus Signs Lease for California's Bianchi Big Bench, Securing Land for Non-GMO Naturally Seedless Lemons

Wonderful Citrus Signs Lease for California's Bianchi Big Bench, Securing Land for Non-GMO Naturally Seedless Lemons

LOS ANGELES, CA - Seedless lemons have been a produce myth for a long time, but Wonderful Citrus made them a reality with the recent launch of its new product in November: the Non-GMO Wonderful Seedless Lemons. To push this variety forward, the company has signed a long-term lease to operate on 846 continuous acres within California's Central Coast region.

Zak Laffite, President, Wonderful Citrus"We are very excited to be selected as the new long-term tenant for the Bianchi Family and produce our new Non-GMO Wonderful Seedless Lemons in this special citrus growing area," said Zak Laffite, President, Wonderful Citrus. "The unique micro-climates in the region provide optimum timing for lemon harvests to complement our year-round program of Wonderful Seedless Lemons. The Bianchi Big Bench property is a large single block of land along the Central Coast, a very rare find."

According to a press release, the land is being leased from the multigenerational landowners the Soledad-based Bianchi Family, who is represented by the Mendrin Group. Together, the two offer the Bianchi Big Bench to a select group of prospective tenants through a confidential bid process.

Wonderful Citrus secures Bianchi Family Land for its new product, non-GMO seedless lemons

"The elevated terraced benches within the Santa Lucia Highlands are home to renown vineyards, wineries, and also the commercial production of lemon and avocado orchards. The 846 acre Bianchi Big Bench is a historic Salinas Valley property easily viewed from Highway 101 between Soledad and Gonzales, it's the largest flat bench on the west side," stated Al and Josh Mendrin of The Mendrin Group, exclusive advisors to the Bianchi Family in the transaction.

By signing this monumental lease, Wonderful Citrus has cemented its Seedless Lemons into the framework of our industry. The rich history of this new farmland will no doubt produce premium products for years to come.

"For decades the Big Bench served the Bianchi family well, grazing herds of cattle, and dry farming hay through peril, bounty, and drought. In the early 1990's, the decision was made to put the Bench into grapes and Robert Mondavi planted vines where cattle once roamed. Now, it's time for The Big Bench to go through yet another evolution!" stated Nicola Bianchi of the Bianchi Family.

What will be Wonderful’s next move on the seedless front? Stick around with us at AndNowUKnow to find out.

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