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Wonderful Pistachios Launches New Natural Raw Variety

Wonderful Pistachios Launches New Natural Raw Variety

LOS ANGELES, CA – This February, a new flavor is arriving to town and it’s bringing natural back. Just in time for Heart Health Month, Wonderful Pistachios announced a new addition to the Wonderful portfolio: Natural Raw Wonderful Pistachios. The newest flavor is the closest pistachio lovers can get to snacking straight from California pistachio orchards thanks to their no roasting, no salting naturalness.

Adam Cooper, Vice President of Marketing, Wonderful Pistachios“The ‘natural raw’ process maintains the raw properties of the pistachio nut that some of our consumers are looking for,” said Adam Cooper, Vice President of Marketing, in a press release. “In fact, consumers are showing an increased desire for raw nuts, with 62 percent of all nut buyers purchasing raw nuts in the past year. Among this group, nearly 80 percent expressed interest in buying Natural Raw Wonderful Pistachios. With this clear consumer in mind, Wonderful Pistachios Natural Raw was a natural extension to our portfolio.”

New Natural Raw Wonderful Pistachios

Bursting with a rich, crunchy, nutty flavor, the Natural Raw Wonderful Pistachios will be available in 16 ounce bags in local grocery stores beginning this February. A great way to add plant protein to daily diets, these new heart-healthy morsels are a great option for shoppers in more ways than one.

New high impact woodgrain POS displays for Natural Raw Wonderful Pistachios

And for retailers looking to market the new flavor, the Wonderful Company is supporting the launch of Natural Raw Wonderful Pistachios with Digital, PR, and Marketing support including new high impact woodgrain POS displays that have been shown to help Wonderful Pistachios sell three times faster in store.

For more information on Wonderful Pistachios, please visit GetCrackin.com or Facebook.com/WonderfulPistachios.

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