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4Earth Farms' Mark Munger and David Lake Discuss Organic Green Beans at Organic Produce Summit

4Earth Farms' Mark Munger and David Lake Discuss Organic Green Beans at Organic Produce Summit

MONTEREY, CA – With another successful Organic Produce Summit in the books, the industry is still abuzz with the premium products highlighted at the event. Bringing a buy-side favorite to attention during the two-day event, 4Earth Farms is answering consumers’ call for organics with its highly demanded organic green beans

Mark Munger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, 4Earth Farms

“We are seeing a lot of interest in green beans,” Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mark Munger tells me. “And through our unique operations, 4Earth Farms is able to answer growing demand for this product with high-quality, year-round supply.” 

David Lake and Dave Hewitt at the 4Earth Farms Booth for the 2017 Organic Produce Summit

It’s no wonder that this particular selection was a success at OPS, with more foodservice and retail operators looking for the next big hit in organics. In this vein, 4Earth Farms offers cleaned green beans to suit foodservice and retail buyers' needs, both trimmed and untrimmed

4Earth Farms' Mark Munger with Dick Spezzano of Spezzano Consulting Service, Inc. at this year's Organic Produce Summit

The allure of the company’s green beans extends further than the quality and flavor profile of the produce itself, but to 4Earth Farms’ packaging as well. The green beans are wrapped in a unique poly film laminate with eye-catching and bright graphics, to make a product that not only looks great on the shelf but extends shelf-life and freshness

David Lake, Co-Founder and CEO, 4Earth Farms

“As the produce world continues to change, 4Earth Farms’ investments in relevant and growing categories allows us to maintain our stronghold in offering high-quality, leading produce at the retail and foodservice levels,” David Lake, Co-Founder and CEO, says. 

The green beans join 4Earth Farms’ prodigious organic line-up that encompasses 40 year-round SKUs

If the company’s Organic Produce Summit response is any indication, 4Earth Farms will continue to innovate at the buy-side and organic level.

4Earth Farms

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