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Berry People Announce Seasonal Transition to Santa Maria and Watsonville for Organic Strawberries

Berry People Announce Seasonal Transition to Santa Maria and Watsonville for Organic Strawberries

HOLLISTER, CA - Berry People is enjoying a successful season of organic strawberry production as the year-round shipper shifts into production coming out of Santa Maria and Watsonville, California. While the company is off to a smooth and light start, it expects production to kick into high gear by the end of the month.

Jerald Downs, President, Berry People

"We are fortunate to have the Baja acreage base for the January-April window, as the region provides us with a very high-quality berry, giving us time to work through early-season weather patterns in California," said President Jerald Downs. "As part of Berry People’s ‘go-to-market’ mission to provide a year-round, balanced portfolio of branded organic berries, we are building our ‘transitional overlaps’ of production in key commodity growing areas. Santa Maria, for example, is a strategic and necessary complement to our offerings out of Baja, Jalisco, and Michoacán."

Fresh berries from Berry People

To nurture the quality, reach, and diversity of the U.S. and Canadian distribution, Berry People has expanded its “four-berry footprint” since the beginning of its operations last November, according to a press release. The company supports this initiative with the help of shareholders and key grower alliances in Mexico and California.

"While the company is new to the market, the partners have come together to establish a solid toehold with key customers and growers, allowing us to sustain an ‘every day’ market presence, working towards a steady provision of quality, continuity and convenience to each of our valued customers," said Downs.

Berry People Greenhouses

Thanks to the success the company has seen so far, it looks forward to increasing acreage next season, as it endeavors to balance its four-berry mix and ramp up fourth quarter efforts for this year.

"The overwhelming response to our offering and market presence has been both encouraging and challenging, as there is much precise work that still needs to be completed," said Downs. "The market’s demand to have these various regions, products and players brought together is apparent, but the empathy, creativity, and tenacity required to do so effectively can easily be underestimated. Thankfully, we are able to move the vision forward as a combined and coordinated team effort from our employees, service providers, customers and growers alike."

As we continue making strides into 2018 and into peak California season, how will these initiatives reflect on the market at large? And what will the company pursue next, as it makes moves to broaden its reach? AndNowUKnow will continue to keep you updated with the latest!

Berry People

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